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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day Six: Final Day

You wake up talking to Debbie, she says that they have a couple of target storms ready to go critical, so you will need to drive the big white truck while Scott and Debbie track the storm. Go and click on the big white truck. One you get in listen carefully to Debbie’s instructions. They want you to go to the western most storm, there are 2 clouds to the west (which is the clouds to the upper left of the GPS map) drive to the Viewpoint location. Once you pull in then you are given your next task, by Scott.

Task # 21 – Fix Doppler Unit. SPOILER: FIX DOPPLER UNIT– PUZZLE #21
Go to the back part of the cab of the truck (the forward arrow) and click on the little door. A panel with yellow and blue lights come up. Scott says you are going to have to flip 3 switches, one in each group to get it started. All the lights need to be set to blue before it starts working properly. REMEMBER: The lights wont turn until you activate them (by pressing the round green button).
There are 3 separate metal sheets the first column on the left has 4 switches, the middle column has 3 switches, and the last column on the right has 4 switches. The point of the game is to flip one switch for each column until all lights are blue. Remember to click on the round green button after you have flipped 1 switch on each of the 3 sections at a time. HINT: You will have to turn off some switches before you can turn them back on to get an even number of off switches remaining on each group.

Once that is done, you will look up to the radar, and then it goes out again. Time to fix something else.

Scott says that if those cables get mixed up, it will be days until before he can get them resorted, so you will need to put the cables in order.

Click on the White box in the middle of the truck (the left arrow), open the box, and you will see your next puzzle.

Task # 22 – Colored Cables. SPOILER: COLORED CABLES– PUZZLE #22
Scott tells you not to forget that the top cable goes in the first plug and the bottom goes in the last plug. FYI although Scott is VERY persistent on this puzzle you are not being timed. The point of this puzzle is similar to the child’s game of Pick-Up-Sticks. Basically you need to pull off the top colored stick to free the next one and so on and so forth until you get to the bottom. Place the colored peg in the corresponding number to which it lays on the pile for example the Hot Pink stick is on top so therefore the Hot Pink peg should be placed in the 1st (top left number 1 spot).

Once you have the cables in order Debbie says: “Nice job Nancy, looks like we’re ready to roll!” but then decides to go back to the farmhouse, looks like we are a bit early.

And you’re back at the farmhouse.

When you go into Scott’s Office, he is not there, perfect time to snoop. Go to his desk and you will see his drawer on his desk is locked but there is a place for a key. The lock looks like it is pink, do you remember where you saw a key that would fit? Right! In your inventory, the one you picked up at the antennas. Open your inventory select the key and click on the drawer. It opens and you read a letter from the Canute College. You also see a page that appears to be in code. It looks like Brooke has been paying Scott off. The note says: Location Site: Review Surface Charts *45 + dewpoint and continuous moderate rain. *85 degrees with either light hail, no thunder or severe thunderstorm with hail. Find dates. Hmmmm... Gotta put on a thinking cap for this one.
Go and talk to Debbie. She can’t find Scott; he is nowhere to be found. They are supposed to leave for the grange soon and someone needs to keep an eye on these fronts.

Task # 23 – Surface Charts Puzzle. SPOILER: SURFACE CHARTS– PUZZLE #23
Do you remember where you have see the “Surface Charts”? That’s right! If you remember, the surface charts are in the cellar on the bottom shelf next to the disaster kit. You can see symbols on the charts; do you remember where you saw those symbols? Look under the sink in the cellar, there is a sheet that explains what the symbols mean.

Go back to the surface charts. Write down the dates for the following:
· You are looking for anything over 45 dewpoint with the symbol #1 to represent continuous moderate rain.
· You are looking for anything over 85 degrees with the symbol #2 to represent light hail, no thunder.
· You are looking for anything over 85 degrees with the symbol #3 to represent severe thunderstorm with hail.

Dates you write down should be as follows:
· 3/8, 3/21, 3/26, 4/3, 4/10, 4/29
· 3/3, 4/6, 4/23, 5/12
· 3/18, 5/6

Now organize those dates in order from earliest to latest:
3/3, 3/8, 3/18, 3/21, 3/26, 4/3, 4/6, 4/10, 4/23, 4/29, 5/6, 5/12

Now do you remember where you saw a calendar? Go up to Scott’s desk and on the wall is a calendar with letters written on each day for the months of March, April & May. Write down the letters that correspond to the dates you just wrote down. When you go to a close up of the calendar, a piece of paper with a cursor comes up, Type the letters/numbers in the order from earliest to latest

· WM9A
· GV2C
· SH4A

Take the paper and it goes into your inventory.

Do you remember where you have seen these codes before? Go to the computer in the cellar. Click on Gallery, click on the right arrow until you get to the preloaded pictures that were already downloaded onto the computer, when it gets to the picture of the windmill Nancy notices that that code matches one of the codes she wrote down on the piece of paper. Continue to click until you get to the next windmill picture, there is the code again. Continue to click until you get to the final picture of the windmill, and the final code appears. Now Nancy knows where to find Scott!

Go again and talk to Debbie, looks like there has been a change of plans, a major storm front is moving in, she can’t find Scott, he has all the equipment and is not answering his phone. Nancy explains that Scott is sabotaging the team in exchange for payment from Brooke. Debbie wants to keep on top of the storm and needs the equipment, so Nancy decides to find Scott and get the equipment back. Talk to Debbie one more time about the broken equipment and sabotage by Scott. She finally puts 2 and 2 together. “Maybe he is up to something”.

Head to the windmill to find Scott. If you remember how to get there you can drive there without the use of the GPS, if you don’t remember you can open the GPS and navigate there. Once you get there you see Scott standing with his back to you. Have a heated discussion with him about him sabotaging his own team and the proof you have found. He has a melt down and then you both hear the storm; a tornado is forming. He reminds you that you are a novice out in the field and all alone, he shoves you down and you black out. You wake up to hear the sound of Debbie on the CB radio. Exit, back to your car and discuss the situation with her. She is at the grange (which you have not been to yet) and they need to evacuate the theater and you have Debbie’s keys with you in Frosty’s car. You need to get to them ASAP to open that shelter. Open your GPS and “Enter a new route” the new location will appear, set up your new route from the windmill to the grange and follow the map there.
As you arrive, it begins to hail. You see the shelter to the left of the house (the only way you can go) approach the shelter and Debbie starts to talk to you. As you listen you can see that the shelter is locked. Open your inventory and you will see a set of keys that just magically appeared. Click on them and when Debbie is done talking you can click on the shelter lock to unlock it. HINT: Since the storm is coming you have to be prepared to work quickly or you will be swept away by the tornado, so make sure you have set in mind how everything works. Go downstairs after the shelter doors open and you will see another set of doors. “What is this now? Who would DOUBLE lock a storm shelter?” This part is tricky you only have about 3 tries before the tornado sweeps you away…make them count. You may have to try, try again, by using the 2nd chance if you cant pick the correct key right away.

Task # 24- Storm Shelter Key Box - SPOILER: STORM SHELTER KEY BOX– PUZZLE #24
This part is tricky you only have about 3 tries before the tornado sweeps you away…make them count. You may have to try, try again, by using the 2nd chance if you cant pick the correct key right away. But to solve this puzzle you must click on one of the 9 keys and place it into the lock. Click they key again to try to turn it. If it does not work, choose another until you find the correct key. When the door unlocks it will make a sound and you will be standing in front of the double doors. YOU MUST CLICK THE DOORS TO GO IN if you don’t or if you back away, you will be swept away by the tornado. Once you are in, you have the option to click on the doors to go out. If you do this before Nancy says: “I think the worst is passed” you will be swept away by the tornado, so be patient.

Once the worst is passed you can now go out. Debbie asks where you are going; you tell her that you just can’t let Scott get away. You now are back in your car and Debbie tells you to switch on your GPS (it’s already on, so you don’t have to do anything) she tells you that little dot you see, follow that and it will lead you right to Scott, she tells you that Scott has a tracking device on the truck (that might have come in useful earlier in the game, oh well…) and you will need to follow it to find him. She then goes on a long spiel about regrets, excuses, and decisions. Nancy gives her a small tongue-lashing. You have to listen to her ramblings but when she is done, you promise you will be careful.

Now you need to find Scott. The white arrow with a circle around it and the lower right corner of the screen is that tracking device, the arrow points to where Scott is located, BUT he is always on the move and driving. So you will cross paths several times, just try to follow him as best as possible doing the least damage on your car by avoiding him and the other obstacles in the road. If you see the twister you must avoid it or you will crash. Now begins the wild goose chase…

Task # 25- Save Scott - SPOILER: SAVE SCOTT– PUZZLE #25 Scott will eventually end up at the springhouse, follow him there, he is following that tornado, but gets too close and crashes. You cut out to a picture of him passed out in front of the springhouse. The springhouse door is boarded up and you have to pry off the boards somehow. You have to find a way in. HINT: You are timed for this as well if you do not get in the springhouse fast enough the tornado will come and sweep you away. Look around and you will see a long skinny board that looks like a snow ski lying on the ground. Pick it up and then click on the door a couple times and it will open.



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