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Thursday, July 22, 2010


This one is going to be a bit tricky trying to get a Picture Solution but lets see what we can do to make this make sense.

The whole point of this puzzle is to line up the colors in order to unlock 3 different color settings. You start with the color red. You will see that you need to match the red blocks on the diagram in the top left hand corner. You will see that there are more red sections on the color wheel than those red blocks on the diagram on the left. So you need to match ONLY the red ones that are on the diagram, the other red ones do not mean anything. Now you will need to turn the color wheel to put the red colors into the correct places. You do this by the little silver buttons below the yellow on/off button. (SEE YELLOW ARROW) I have connected lines from the silver buttons that coincide to the correct wheel. (SEE COLORED LINES) Now all you have to do is turn the wheel to match the red diagram with the red color wheel. (See Picture Solution Below) Once you have that done you will do the same for Green and then Blue, respectively.

(See Picture below for Red Picture Solution)

(See Picture Below For Green Picture Solution)

(See Picture Below For Blue Picture Solution)


  1. I tried your solution and it didn't work. Do you know why it wouldn't work?

  2. The only thing I can think of is that they may have different puzzles programmed. If you want to send me screen shots I would be happy to work on a solution for you. Provide me your email and I will respond to it so you have mine...We will see if we can help you out!

  3. The only other thought I have is that the puzzle may be different in Junior Detective mode. This solution is for Senior Detective. Which mode are you playing?

  4. Thank you for explaining this puzzle because it was really confusing at first!

  5. thanks!! helped alot!!

  6. Thanks, it helped!