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Thursday, July 22, 2010


Go into the museum in Ma & Pa’s, go straight back to the Tornado display. On the display you will see a book titled “FUJITA SCALE”, click on the book and it opens to the puzzle that needs to be solved. The object of the puzzle is to place the correct tabs in the correct spots under the columns: For Fujita Scale - Fastest ½ mile wind speed, MPH. 3 – second gust speed, MPH and for EF Scale 3 – second gust speed, MPH, Damage Indicator. You will click on each of the tabs on the right side of the chart and place them in the appropriate spot according to their proper place on the Scale. Now you may have to do some reading. You can find some reading information here on the display. You can look around for the information to solve the puzzle. HINT: Don’t forget the chart on Scott’s wall back at the farmhouse.

(The Chart on Scott’s Wall at the farmhouse)

(See below for Picture Solution)

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