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Thursday, July 22, 2010


Chase needs some help putting the transmission back together. All you need to do is put the gears back on 3 horizontal rods. There’s a notch for each gear, so you will need to figure out which size gear goes to which notch. Be sure that the gears line up vertically so they touch but don’t overlap each other. (In my opinion – this is the 2nd hardest puzzle in this case)
To do this puzzle you need to select a colored gear from the left side of the screen and place it on to the notches, there are 5 notches on the bottom rod, 4 notches on the middle rod and 5 notches on the top rod. You can click the start button to see if you have all the gears in the right place as many times as you need to. HINT: Be sure to put on the gears from the back to front and from large to small so all gears slide on and off the rods in the correct order.

(See Picture Solution Below)

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