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Thursday, July 22, 2010


So Nancy says that the wind blew pieces of the Antennas all over. It is up to you to put the pieces where they belong. I will try to connect each piece to where it goes on the antennas. I will connect different colored lines from the piece to the corresponding place that it goes to on the Antenna.

You will need to rotate the pieces at times in order to make them fit properly. Do this by clicking on the piece you want to pick up and then right click to rotate, then you can place it on the correct spot on the Antenna. HINT: There are 2 antennas so some of the pieces will go on the one in the back as well.

Lets start with the first 5 shapes and get them out of the way.

Ok now we have those 5 done, let’s get a new screen shot and do 5 more.

Ok now we have those 5 done, let’s get a final screen shot and do the last 4.

Excellent! Nancy asks, “What’s that?” It goes to a close up of a small pink key on the ground under the antenna, click on it to look at it, and click again to put it into your inventory.

Great job!

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